What is a Electronic Quickshifter?

The Electronic QuickShifter lets you make full-throttle up shifts without having to back off the power or use the clutch. As you change gear, the ignition is momentarily cut, so allowing the next gear to engage. Each gear change is completed within 25 milliseconds, resulting in smoother and faster gear changes. This also minimizes the dropinpower between gears and maximizes acceleration.

The Bikeshifter.com's Electronic QuickShifter is the most advanced in gearshift technology and has been tested using Dynamometer for proven results. Our Electronic QuickShifter is fully adjustable and designed to work with sequential gearboxes engine vehicle. It allows for high speed clutchless gearshift cornering at any throttle opening.

How does the Electroic QuickShifter work ?

The kit comes with dual adjustable load cells force sensors that link with the gearshift lever mechanism. It can suit both gearshift directions up or down for first gear. The sensors accurately detect the force applied by the rider to change gear. When they receive the appropriate amount of pressure, a signal is sent to the control unit, which then momentarily interrupts the ignition system, allowing a clutchless gear change to be made.

How do you use the Electronic QuickShifter ?

Remember that the Electronic QuickShifter does not change gear for you. However, it does let you make fast, high rpm up-gear without using the clutch or closing the throttle. When shifting up the gears, it is not sufficient to hold open the throttle and just tap the gear lever; a normal positive action is required to up shift. Start at 3,000rpm and work your way up the box. For down shifting, you must both use the clutch lever and blip the throttle.