How does the Electroic QuickShifter work ?

The kit comes with dual adjustable electronic / mechanical pressure sensors that link with the gearshift pedal / lever mechanism. It can suit both gearshift directions up or down for first gear. The sensors accurately detect the force applied by the rider to change gear. When they receive the appropriate amount of pressure, a signal is sent to the control unit, which then momentarily interrupts the ignition system, allowing a clutchless gear change to be made.  Back to QuickShifter

What is a Digital Gear Position Display ?

Most modern designs of motorcycle available in the market employ a close ratio gearbox, which can make it difficult for even the most experienced rider to feel or tell which gear he has engaged. The Gear Position Display solves this problem easily. It provides a clear and accurate indication of gear position at a glance, even when you are riding or driving at high speed. You will always know what gear you are in.  Back to Gear Position Display QuickShifter

How do you use the Electronic QuickShifter ?

Remember that the Electronic QuickShifter does not change gear for you. However, it does let you make fast, high rpm up-shifts without using the clutch or closing the throttle. When shifting up the gears, it is not sufficient to hold open the throttle and just tap the gear lever; a normal positive action is required to up shift. Start at 2,000 rpm and work your way up the box. For down shifting, you must both use the clutch lever and blip the throttle.  Back to QuickShifter

What is Button Gear Shifting?

Button Gear Shifters in some race machines such as Formula One cars actually shift gear by computer. The computer senses different factor inputs, e.g. engine rpm, gear ratio in use, wheel speed and throttle position and reacts according to its program. The computer also senses the switching signal requesting an up or down shift. When all these inputs are within the desired parameters, the computer will momentarily cut the ignition and shift the transmission.

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