Difficult gear changes at low rpms

Occasionally cannot change gear at high rpms

Wrong gear change signals (double click) from the sensors

Extended ignition cut-out time if the gear lever is held for a while

Irregular ignition cutout time

Occasional missing due to lost ignition signals

Unstable engine rpm

Back firing in the exhaust system during every gear change

Rpm drops too much between gear changes, even when you made an adjustment to correct

(more likely with 2-stroke engines, when the drop could be as much as 2,000 rpm)

Such problems as listed above are caused by any or more of :

Incorrect sensing method or position

Bad sensor

No one time trigger protection

Unstable ignition interrupt timing control

Slow reaction from electrical relay output

No vibration protection

Marginal electrical relay contact power (current voltage) rating.

Ignition current restricted by the inherent resistance of the by-pass switch and cable

Using an Electronic QuickShifter from Neon Action Engineering can solve all these problems

A World Pioneer

Only one the market able to

fit up or down gear shift pattern (up or down for first gear)

adjust the sensor according to varying degree of gearshift motion force

fit any type of engine with sequential gearbox

support either DC 12 Volt or CDI ignition system

100% Solid State electronic power driver for interrupting the ignition, producing seamless power shifting

Built in safety by-pass relay for mini mising ignition current lost when the QuickShifter is disabled



gear changing smoother and more accurate

improved traction control

allowing mid-corner gear changes even under full throttle

Reduced lap times of one or more seconds

Greater flexibility in the RPM range in which gear changes can be made up shift from 2,000 rpm to redline

Easy and accurate adjustment of interrupt timing

Weather resistant: all electronic devices are can withstand water, noise and shock

Quick and easy installation no special tools or mountings required